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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Google Map Maker: Google Users Become Editors of US Map

New! Google Map Maker for the United States, Google finally let its users edit, add and update the map of United States for millions to see in Google Maps.

Google Map Maker
Google Map Maker same as Google Maps lets any Google user to sign-in to edit, add and update the places they know. to To ensure the accuracy and quality of Maps edits, after user saved an edit it will be reviewed by in-house moderation team. Once Google approve and accepts user contributions and map edits, within minutes it will go live on Google Maps.

With Google Map Maker users can make the map more detailed and complete starting from neighborhood, hometown, entire cities, road networks and universities. This new product from Google will ensure every place cared about by users can be represented on the map. Speeding up the time for online maps to reflect the changes whether fixing or adding details — roads, universities, bike paths, and others so that changes appear in Google Maps and pushed live to all users.

Google is also adding some new features for users, integrated within Google Map Maker is a Street View so users can use imagery to help guide their edits. Advanced search options is also added for users to find exactly what they’re looking for.

Start adding your local knowledge to the map.

  • Add businesses and building outlines.
  • Move place markers to the right locations.
  • Build a detailed map of your school campus.

See live mapping by users around the world!

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