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Thursday, November 6, 2008

The Future of Online Marketing

Internet has become a basic necessity for every urban household, today. Businesses around the world wouldn’t be able survive for long without this important medium. Over the years, the functionality of this medium has been getting all the more diverse, and it has been just a little over 10 years that Internet came into existence.

Though the Internet is basically a medium of communication, it has also helped in numerous other ways, one of them being online marketing. The online market has flourished over the past 5 years and businesses have reaped good profit but what will be the future of this form of marketing?

With each passing day, there are new developments in the world of Internet marketing or online marketing. Though, we all might think that we have become the professionals or gurus of e-marketing, there is still a lot to learn & know, as this is just the beginning of the Internet Revolution.

The future of online marketing is a hot topic that is doing the rounds, among professional and amateur marketers, with the rapid growth of Internet. This revolution in Internet certainly shows brilliant prospects for the online marketing world, too. With the Internet reaching all nooks and corners of the world, more & more people are getting digitally enlightened and this will definitely result in a boom for any e-commerce.

Today, the online marketing world is a jumble of the good and the bad. Some forms of e-commerce are going to be improved upon while some others will just fade out and make way for newer & better ones.

Banner advertisements and email marketing forms of internet marketing have seen their better days and are no longer worthy to be in the race for the best. The click through rates from banner advertisements are pretty bad and are going further low as more & more people are getting cautious about clicking & being stuck up at sites they don’t want to browse.

Email marketing is facing bigger problems these days as it includes a host of serious problems like spamming, phishing & identity theft issues. With these issues cropping up every other day, it’s no wonder that email marketing laws have become so stringent and there are highly devised filters used by all popular mail providers to stop this form of online marketing.

Among the remaining forms of online marketing that still run the race, are Pay-Per-Click advertising (PPC) and Search Engine Optimization (SEO). The future for search engine optimization is much brighter than that of pay-per-click advertising.

As long as you & I use search engines such as GOOGLE on the net, SEO will flourish. SEO provides free traffic to advertising sites that no other form of online marketing can bring. It’s an easy & cost-free way to draw the common man to your site. Even the legal issues with regards to SEO, is next to nil, as it is too difficult a medium to commit fraud with.

I can’t say the same for the Pay-Per-Click type of advertising. The major issue, currently with this medium, is the cost factor. It might prove to be quite a costly affair with little or no results from it. Another major issue is click fraud. When the reason for the clicker to click the ad is simply to make the advertiser spend money unnecessarily, it is termed as click fraud. According to recent estimates, the percentage of click frauds on PPC advertisements is as high as 40%. A smart businessman wouldn’t want that kind of a loss to his business, now would he?

After all this debate, where do we stand when it comes to the future of online marketing? If we take the above discussed factors into consideration, it would be fair to say that the brightest future in online marketing will be through search engine optimization. It will certainly remain till the end of the race for the best internet marketing methods, maybe even leading it. Though PPC might not be there all the way through, it will remain for quite some time in a modified and upgraded form that will reduce click frauds. There is also a bright future for data publishing. This would be possible through free copyright articles.

Though it isn’t possible for anyone to know the distant future of online marketing, the near future of it surely lies in the combination of these three mediums of internet marketing.