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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Raising Your Search Engine Rankings

Search Engine Rankings is the most important in order for your site become visible on searchers. In order to acquire traffic to your website it should be highly ranked enough on the first page of the search engine results. There are many ways in order to achieve high ranking positions in major search engines. Take this few basic steps to raise your sites visibility.

Updates and Original Content

Being updated and adding fresh content to your current site adds benefits and contribute to your SEO campaign. This way you are keeping your potential customers informed. Having your own unique content helps you rank higher in search engines specially in Google cause this is patented as one of the factors in the ranking algorithm of Google.

Web Site URL Structure

Placing you keyword on the URL is known as an effective on page-variables and is vitally important. From usability perspective having rich keyword url, path and file name adds an advantage in order for your contents to rank in Google specially the specified targeted keyword. Another thing, using hyphen is the best way in dividing your phrase in the URL.

Meta Tags

Though this are not being consider as main factors in obtaining high search engine rankings somehow meta tags are consistent method for providing meta document data to user agents, such as search engines. For the description it is recommended that you must keep shorter than 200 characters in order to be robot friendly. You can have 10-15 words in you meta keyword, this keywords are the one which appear in your content.

Use the Right ALT Texts

As search engines can't read images/graphics adding alternate tags in your image can help you in order to have a good rank in Search Engines. In ordinary search result Google display images. This somehow help your site in keyword density.

Link to Related Sites

Linking to content related and quality site is a good way in order to acquire quality backlinks. Through this your site will be a more valuable resource and interesting. This will help your site to gain link popularity with the search engines that will give you a boost. This method also helps you in order to acquire your Page Ranking value in Google. This PR value reflects the value of your website.

Create a Sitemap for Your Website

This is a representation of the architecture of your site. This informs search engines about the pages that are available for crawling and help them to make it easier for indexing every page of your website. Sitemaps are usually written in XML.

Be consistent

This is the best way in order to keep your high rankings in Search Engines. Continually growing your website by providing updates and unique fresh content and continuous link building and promotion will certainly increase your chance to stay and highly ranked by search engines.