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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

How Does Google Work

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Google started out in 1998 and was known as BackRub. It corresponded to a new technique to ranking sites on the web. Formerly, the leading search engines did not to a great extent make an effort to improve their ranking systems. This led to an array of peculiar results when people searched and got the results that were not predominantly appropriate. Google worked on overcoming this problem.

Google centers on preciseness. Preciseness can be defined as a web page that is “most relevant to the terms search for by a user.” Google works by focusing on the content of web pages. It mostly tends to disregard Meta tags as many search engine optimization people have learned how to yank their sites to get the best results. Since these yanks were often easy peezy ways, the search results were not as great. To get out of this, Google now centers by and large on the text, page and the site in one piece. The exact Google way, known as the algorithm, is to make use of keyword density, flow of the text, amount of code, registration length of domain and visitors duration on a certain site to name a few. Although, there must be perhaps a couple of hundred features involve in the making..

search engine algorithm,goolge rankingsGoogle also concludes on preciseness and rankings by looking outside of a site. Specifically, it checks whether there are other sites linking to the site in question. The more sites that are linked to site is an signifies there is a high relevant content on the site in question. For example, the website for the IRS is consistently ranked highly for tax terms because thousands of sites link to it. In real terms, this means the IRS offers highly appropriate information on taxes and sure it does.

This linking factor piloted to the escalation of the whole industry that dedicated to trading links. This process is known as reciprocal linking. Since last year (2007), Google has undervalued such links reason being it no longer corresponds to a measurement of relevancy. Instead, it evaluates how many links a site can employ. Google now concentrates more at the type of links being employed and also gives high value to links that are only inbound. This means someone links to your site without you linking them.