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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Google Plus One For Search Results And Ads

Google Plus One Button

Google Plus One it is. Google's Social Network project which appeared in techrunch article entitled "Google Toying With Naming Social Product “Google +1″ As Sergey Brin Gets Involved" last December 2010 finally been launched. The project was originally named as "Emerald Sea" but then eventually change its name as the project progresses and pick the final name of the product to be "Google +1" or "Google Plus One". The name itself was derived from the functionality of the project which is to give your approval to the sites which you like or recommend to others the things that interest you in the search result.

Google Plus One

Rumors quickly erupted that this new service form Google will rival the Facebook Like Button. Is this Google's version of "Retweet" and "Like." Perhaps it is since users aren't doing something alone on the web, it's social. So what it's gonna be called then "+1ing" sounds terrible. One thing you can also notice is that Google did not launch the project as a stand alone social website but they have included it on their current services mainly the Gmail and Google search result. Hope that things would not turn out to be like what happened to Google Buzz and Google Wave in their attempt to make search more social.

Google Plus One Search ResultNow search marketers are concerned if this service will going to affect the search engine rankings of websites since the searchers or users are involve in the Plus One Vote. Logically, users preference to plus one a webpage or what they found on search result will give it a positive webpage quality/relevancy score. Will Google use this as a signal to adjust and include Google Plus One on its algorithm? For now as an experimental service Google stated that the Plus One feature will not initially affect the rankings of search result but Matt Cutts said "When someone recommends something, that's a pretty good indicator of quality".

Google Plus One is another sign of innovation and improvement from Google delivering search result that is most relevant to users query. I think Google nailed it right in the head this time. Hitting two birds in one stone, Google Plus One will play a major role Googles algorithm in providing quality search content on the web as well as a chance to penetrate social web community letting users to interact by sharing and recommending the things that interest them across the web.