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Monday, May 30, 2011

Google Wallet: Mobile Payment System

Google Wallet
Google Wallet “Your phone will be your wallet. Just tap, pay, and save.”

Unveiled in an event in NYC on May 26th 2011, Google's Stephanie Tilenius announced Google Wallet. From coins, to paper money, to plastic cards and now the next big shift payment through a mobile device.

Google Wallet, using NFC (Near Field Communication - set of short-range wireless technologies), the enabled app would combine user's credit cards, coupons, gift cards and other receipts in one handy device - a smartphone. Nexus S 4G will be the first phone to deliver this service, as Sprint will be the first carrier.

Google Wallet is an Android app an "open platform" that makes your phone your wallet. It will store digital versions of your existing credit cards into on your phone. The mobile app will be a live app on Nexus S 4G from Sprint. Near-field communications (NFC) chip is also an important requirement for phones in oder for you to simply tap your phone to pay and redeem offers.

How it Works

Give your smartphone some credit
Tap your phone to pay with the virtual payment cards stored in your Google Wallet.

When Google Wallet launches, it will support these cards:
  • Citi® MasterCard®
  • the Google Prepaid Card
  • gift cards at participating merchants

Google Offers are deals on products and services at local or online businesses. Whenever you buy

Offers & Loyalty or save a Google Offer, it automatically syncs to your Google Wallet so your offers are always with you. Google Wallet can also store loyalty cards for participating merchants.

Google Wallet is designed and engineered to enable safe, secure payments. In fact, Google Wallet’s security features go beyond what’s possible with traditional wallets and cards.

Google Wallet is another product of innovation that will make it easier for us to pay and save some upon purchasing the things or goods we want. Both businesses and consumers will benefit once this new technology rolled out for implementation.

For more details about this new service of Google you can visit

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Google Business Photos

Google Business Photos

Google Business Photos is formally announced today at Social-Loco conference in San Francisco Google’s Doyenne of Local Marissa Mayer. Google Business Photoshoot are rolling out in some selected cities in the US, Australia, and Japan. Google sponsored photographers are currently scheduling photo shoots with local business owners to take interior shots of their business. The types of businesses that are currently served are restaurants, hotels, retail shops, and other storefront businesses.

The photos gathered by Google photographers will appear in business Place Page to help out and give users more information about the business. Having interior photos on your business listing is a great way to showcase your business to customers. By adding business photos on your Place Page, it will help you to enhance your listing and let your business stand out among other competitors.

Get discovered on Google it's free! To apply for an official Google photo shoot of your business, call fill out the online Business Photo Shoots application. Here:

Monday, May 2, 2011

Google Toolbar 7: Faster, Sleeker, and More Personalized

Google Toolbar 7 the new version is simpler, cleaner and help speed up your searching. The instant Search integration will help you to make searching and browsing faster. Fresh look and new features, Google Toolbar 7 searching has now gone from vast to instant. See result as you type. The tools that you use most will remain visible on you toolbar for easy access while buttons that you haven’t used will be moved to "More" button to make your toolbar tidier.

Google Toolbar 7 Features:
  • Share any web page with your friends right from the Toolbar.
  • Contribute and read helpful information on any web page with Google Sidewiki.
  • Translate web pages instantly with automatic language detection.

It's available from

Here's more about the Toolbar

Search with Google Anywhere:
Access Google search from the Toolbar on any site.
As you type a search, Toolbar will automatically show suggestions for what you are searching for.
Sign in to the Toolbar with your Google account and get personalized search results based on your search history.

Find things faster:
Quick Scroll: Quick Scroll lets you jump directly to the content in a page relevant to your search.
Highlight: Click the Highlight button to see all the words that match your search terms on any web page.
Word Find: Each word you enter in the Toolbar search box gets its own Word Find button. Click the button to see where that word appears on a page.

Translate languages:
Visit a site written in a foreign language and Toolbar will offer to automatically translate it for you.
See the translation of a single word on a page just by rolling your cursor over it.
You can set Toolbar to always translate pages in certain languages in Toolbar Options.

Personalize your Toolbar:
Select tools in the More» menu and Toolbar will adapt and automatically make the tools you use easily accessible.
Choose from useful tools like web page sharing, bookmarks, spell check, and auto-fill for web forms.
Visit the Custom Button Gallery to add buttons to help you quickly search or visit your favorite sites.