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Monday, August 22, 2011

Google Start Out Verifying Google+ Accounts

Google starts out the verification badges to Google+ in order to make sure that the celebrities and public figures joining Google+ are of really who they claim to be. It appears right of the account name as Small gray badge, circular check box that when mouseover tells you “verified name.”

On Google’s Wen-Ai Yu announcement Friday evening in a Google+ post and accompanying video she explains that verification right now is focused on:
  • Public Figures
  • Celebrities
  • People who have been “added to a large number of circles”

This Google+ verification badges will symbolize that the celebrities and public figures that you add or follow on your circle are the real one. This is an important factor to people to add others to their circle and continue Google+ user engagement.

Unlike facebook and twitter where in the use of celebrities and public figures is quite a mess, with this method of verification you are assured that you are following the real persona. A great move from Google+ aside from the recent addition of games that is tremendously helpful in order to keep people coming back to engage and patrionanize Google+ accounts.

Google does promise that they’re planning to expand the verification program, as you can see in the video announcement above.