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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Search Engine Travel Search: Google Hotel Finder vs Bing Travel

Comparing Travel Search User Interface Google Hotel Finder vs Bing Travel

Google Hotel Finder User Interface

What is Google Finder?
Google Hotel Finder is a new experimental product that makes it easier to compare and book hotels that are found across the web.

  • Google Hotel Finder’s user-end layout is minimalistic.
  • Most results immediately pull up a photograph of the hotel, google places reviews and key information of the hotel.
  • You no longer need to open a new browser tab for each hotel result.

Bing Travel User Interface

What is Bing Travel?
Bing travel helps you plan trips and book flights and hotels with confidence because you'll know the right time to travel and buy. You can compare, filter, and sort flight and hotel results from hundreds of airline, hotel and agency websites.

  • Bing Travel has a bit crowded layout.
  • Too much white space on the left side and a little heavy text.
  • Offers a variety of services to compare.
  • Results feature high-quality photos and a helpful amount of information.
  • Hotel result,comparison and search redirecting to a whole new page.

Comparing Travel Search Features Google Hotel Finder vs Bing Travel

Google Hotel Finder Features

Search just the places you want
Draw simple shapes to define the neighborhoods (yes, more than one!) that interest you.

See popular locations
Don’t know your way around? Map highlights the areas that are popular with visitors.

Keep a shortlist
One click adds hotels to your shortlist, where you can review them easily.

Find the best deal
Looking for the best time to visit? Compare a hotel’s current price with its typical one.

Bing Travel Features

Rate indicator
Gives you option to have list or map view. On List View, each hotel price has a Banner rating under it to tell whether it’s a good, average, or bad deal. Using Map View you will see and give you an idea according to the colors to where the more expensive or affordable hotels are.

Customization filters
Narrow down the result by using Customization filters that includes brands, amenities, and distance from other destinations.

Search history
Shows what you’ve been perusing on the site during your last visit, which was convenient.

Choosing the best option next time you plan your vacation? Now you decide between Google Hotel Finder vs Bing Travel on which will give you the best Destination Comparison in Travel Search. For more information about Google Hotel Finder and Bing Travel do visit: