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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Bing Announces New Bing Business Portal (BETA)

Bing Local Listing Center has it's new brand called Bing Business Portal.

Bing Business Portal

This time Bing taking it to a new level looking to compete Google Places which recently had its integration of Google Hotpot on it. The Bing Business Portal will let you claim,” verify, and manage your local business listing on Bing in much easier way through their easy to use listing tools.

Some of the changes of Bing Business Portal (BETA) over the previous Bing Local Listing Center are the ff:
  • Quicker verification for business listings via phone (mail option available as well)
  • Improved interface to make it easier for SMB market to use
  • ‘Cartoon’ format making it easier for businesses to follow the process
  • Deals integration with Facebook
  • Support (rumored to be real people using those antiquated phone things) with help forums

These changes are great and helpful for business in terms of areas of internet strategy. Bing Business Portal will allow businesses to preview their listing in desktop and mobile view. They also included a feature allowing you to create a mobile site version of your listing and including a QR code as well. Adding more to it Bing Deals will roll out in desktop and mobile search.

Claim and enhance your business listing on Bing. Its free!

"More customers are searching Bing to find businesses and services in their local area. Claiming your business listing can help increase your visibility and influence customers to visit your business."

Bing business listing
Take time to complete and make accurate business listing in Google Places, Yahoo Local Listing and Bing Business Portal or in other third-party service providers. You'll have better chances to be found by customers that are looking for you if you have accurate and complete information on you business listing.

To learn a bit more about the Bing Business Portal, you can read keynote Q&A on Bing's Business Portal FAQ.