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Monday, November 14, 2011

Google+ Page: A Business Page with Google Plus

Google Plus started and rolled out only for human individuals that uses regular Google+ accounts in order to participate in. But then even it was intended only for real individuals, many businesses saw this social networking site as an oppurtunity to market their services and products. In fact despite of businesses, brands and any non-human weren't allowed to participate on the known circle networking site still they made use of regular Google+ accounts as a way to participate in.

Now, Google started to open the fastest growing social networking site to Businesses, Brands, Places & More.

Introducing Pages for Google+

"A leap forward in building relationships between businesses and people"

In the new Google+ Pages program, a business can create Google+ Page by using Tool to Create Page under a regular Google+ account. Once you already access this tool, you'll be then asked if what kind of page you are going to create given the five categories that includes:

-Local Business or Place
-Product or Brand
-Company, Institution or Organization
-Arts, Entertainment or Sports

Create your Goolge+ Page and start to:

SHARE - Start real conversations with the right people.

Build a closer connection and relationship with your customer by sharing thoughts, links, photos and promotions. Get live feedback and interaction by with your customers at the same time via multi-person video chats around the world. With Google+ Pages you can Publish Posts, Launch Hangouts and Manage Circles.

PROMOTE - Social sharing. Google reach.

With Google+ Page you can now promote your site, from promoting it yourself with Google+ Direct Connect and the Google+ badge. Help others promote you via +1 recommendations, Connect your +1's, +1 on search, +1 button sharing to Google and +1 on display ads.

MEASURE - Get in to know.

Understand your Google+ activity and know how people engage on your business by tracking what people are saying about your business, how many +1's your business receives and how these affect your traffic. Get and know your data via Google’s measurement tools such as Google+ search, Ripples, Social analytics, Analytics on a Page and get ready fo Google+ API integrations.

To know more, read from Google’s help page on the topic: About GOOGLE+ PAGES